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FIG (Fairmont Santa Monica)

My sister and her daughters (my nieces) were in town staying in Santa Monica and we were looking for a place that a) wasn’t terribly expensive b) somewhere you can take pre-teen girls and c) has awesome food and cocktails. My other sister, who lives in SM, said FIG, which is based in the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica, offers 50% off their entire menu Tuesday through Thursday, 5-6 pm.


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The Canal Club

Canal Club Happy Hour Menu

When an old friend of college posted on Facebook that he just moved from the Bay Area to Venice, I suggested that we meet up for a drink since I was working in the Venice area that week.  He asked if there was a good happy hour in Venice, I thought of Canal Club.
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$5 Appetizer Listing

For the last Harry Potter movie (SOB!) we bought tickets at the AMC Century City for several reasons. A) Assigned seating so you avoid the lines and don’t have to shove a 10- year-old for an aisle seat near the back. B) Costco sells a pair of tickets to AMC Theatres for $15.99. That is $8 a ticket for what is normally $13.50 (you have to pay extra for 3D, Real D, etc… but still a huge savings). C) I live within walking distance from the theatre so I don’t have to worry about parking. (Although parking is tough at Westfield Century City, at least they have those lights to tell you if there’s a spot open)

My hubby and I went with another couple who we have seen the last few Harry Potter movies with so we wanted to do a little celebration of the fact. We are also not wealthy so we wanted to do the happy hour over at Toscanova.

What’s great about the Toscanova Happy Hours are their actual hours. It’s 4pm to 8 pm Friday and Saturday and 4 pm – close Sunday-Thursday. They sometimes do specials for the happy hour food but they also have a set standard of snacks and cocktails.
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Elderflower Julep

This doesn't suck.

On one of the most beautiful days this year, I was fortunate enough to be on top of Venice’s tallest building, The Hotel Erwin, located right on the water.  At the top of The Erwin is their bar called High.  I was dispatched from work to secure a location that would fit about ten people.  I couldn’t get anyone on the phone so I got there and camped out.

Now, as you can see in this picture, the view was breathtaking.  What you don’t see is that it was a 360 degree  view and it was clear enough so that you could see Downtown LA from there, as well as from Malibu to Redondo Beach.

Of course, the problem with a place that has a spectacular view and location, prices are going to be higher than normal.  For LA drinks, it was still reasonable (if you consider $13 reasonable).  Food was tasty but you don’t get a lot for your buck.
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The Acapulco

One way to save on money before going out is to “pre-game” at home, meaning to have a cocktail before heading out. You get a start socially with your friends and you save yourself $12 in the meantime.

The Acapulco

I have been experimenting with fancy drinks that not only look delicious but I also have the ingredients. I tried this drink, The Acapulco, because not only did I have the ingredients, it looked delicious (also you can tell I didn’t get far in the book since it begins with an “A.”)
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Bar Bouchon

My goal someday is to have dinner at the French laundry in Yountville but being unemployed and a 7 hour drive away, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Half-drunk House Blanc

Luckily, Thomas Keller opened up a Bouchon in Los Angeles and so kindly provides a happy hour in its bar.

When I had a job and money, I had brunch at Bouchon in Las Vegas.  It was delicious but it was Vegas so the night before kept me from really enjoying what I was eating.  They did provide me with a croissant which was amazing to eat later when I was riding the bus home (yes, the first and last bus I will take to Vegas).  So I was eager to come back to Bouchon again.

Squint and you can see

They don’t post the Happy Hour on their website but I was able to sneak a photo with my phone.  It’s not the cheapest of happy hours but you’re paying to enjoy Bar Bouchon and not ruin your credit.  I ordered a glass of their house rouge , a Canape, three oysters, Tartar de Saumon and a house blanc.    I sat inside near the bar but they have outside seating.

Their house wine is a full glass pour (not according to that pic, forgot to take a picture after I enjoyed 1/2 of it).  Both wines were really good, although that’s not surprising.  The Canape had heirloom tomatoes and burrata was so tasty and not a bad portion for the price.  I decided to splurge on oysters (and I do love oysters), and they were delicate and lovely.


I also loved the Tartar de Saumon.  The portion was pretty small if you’re splitting but I was flying solo that day so it was great for me.

All in all, it was a really pleasant way to spend an hour on a weekday.  I recommend it for those looking to class up their happy hour without looking too cheap.

Happy Hour at Bar Bouchon runs from 4 pm – 7 pm on weekdays.

Bar Bouchon

235 N Canon Dr

Beverly Hills, California 90210

Enterprise Fish Company

Look at how big these things are!

I love oysters but I don’t love the price.  Most places you go, an oyster with the fixings can look fancy, be a little small but can break down to $2.50-4 a guy!  Now the happy hour at Enterprise Fish Company offers these guys for $1 each.  $12 for a dozen.  Or $4 for 4.  However many you want.  And they are huge.  Big!  It comes with the horseradish, cocktail sauce and vinegar and lemon so you can doctor it up as much as you want.  Spectacular!

Their drink specials are great too.  The house wine is pretty decent and a very generous pour.  The large beers are 22 oz. for a decent price ($5!) and they have some great microbrews on tap.  The servers there, if you ask nicely, will give you a sample if it’s something you have never tried before.

Make sure you ask for some bread if you are just eating oysters and drinking alcohol.  Their bread is warm and crispy and the butter they have is whipped with a touch of garlic and it is delicious.  Do not avoid the butter, no matter how many calories you are counting.

They have some other items on the menu that are worth looking at (I particularly like the Shrimp Quesadilla) but for volume of great oysters alone, I have a hard time going anywhere else.

Happy Hour is 4 pm to 7 pm Monday-Saturday and 8 pm -10 pm on Sunday. Late night happy hour is 9 pm -11 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Enterprise Fish Company
174 Kinney St.
Santa Monica, CA



I am starting this blog for people like me:  Who live or are visiting LA and love fine dining, fancy cocktails, good wine and a great night out but can’t really afford the lavish lifestyle.  So what I am hoping to provide here is a guide of great deals I find in the Los Angeles area.  This will include free events, links to discounts, happy hours that give you a bang for your buck and occasionally, when it’s worth it to splurge.


Also, if you have  any suggestions or if you know of any events, I will do my best to cover them.  Thanks for reading and I’ll post some more stuff soon!